Associate Members   (Associate Member Application Form) 

The main requirements to be registered as an Associate Member of CAWASA and the benefits to be derived from membership are as follows:

Membership Qualification

This class of membership is opened to any utility, providing water and sanitation   services that for reason of geographic location and cost find it difficult to take maximum advantage of the benefits of full utility membership. It also applies to any company organization involved in providing water, sanitation and waste related services in the Caribbean region.

To qualify for associate membership, the water and wastewater utility must demonstrate an interest in accessing specific services provided by the CAWASA Secretariat and must commit itself to participate in CAWASA activities such as training, conferences, technical studies and operator certification on a fee for service basis.

Associate Members:

  1. Caribbean Industrial Corp (CARINDCO)
  2. Power Seal Pipeline Products Corporation
  3. Seven Seas Water
  4. Utility Services Associates, USA