Alternative Certification  (Alternative Certification Application Form)


Water Utilities in the Caribbean are staffed by a number of senior employees who, for one reason or another, would find difficulty in passing a computer or ‘pencil and paper’ administered examination as is available under ABC Certification. However, for Human Resources Management systems involving operators in the Utilities to function efficiently, it is essential that these individuals have an opportunity to become certified.

The Caribbean Water & Sewerage Association Inc. (CAWASA) is proposing to deal with this issue through the introduction of an ‘Alternative Certification Programme’ (ACP). CAWASA proposes to initially offer Certification in the Category of ‘Water Distribution Management’.

The Alternative (Grandfather) Certification Programme is based on the application of the following:

  • Recognition of a candidate’s prior learning and experience;
  • Verbal testing;
  • Practical Examinations.


Examination Policy 

  • Examination Requirements
  • Recognition of Prior Learning & Experience
  • Verbal Testing
  • Practical Examination
  • Examination Administration


Examination Requirements 

To participate in the alternative certification examinations a Senior Operator/Analyst must meet the following:

  • Should be functionally literate
  • Should be nominated by his/her utility
  • Should have served a minimum of ten (10) years as an Operators/Analysts with at least five (5) years in a senior capacity
  • Should submit a completed Prior Learning and Experience Form


Prior Learning and Experience 

  • The completed nomination form should contain a record of the knowledge, skills and experience acquired by a Senior Operator/Analyst through:
    • Primary or Secondary School
    • Community Work
    • On-the-Job-Training
    • Other life Experiences
  • The utility can assist the Operator/Analyst in compiling the relevant information


Verbal Testing Format 

  • The Secretariat will appoint a  tribunal made up of one (1) external examiner and two (2) utility examiners
  • The tribunal will conduct one-hour tests
  • CAWASA will provide the Tribunal with a range of one hundred (100) questions
  • Candidates will be tested on twenty-five (25) questions.
  • Candidates will be required to answer at least twenty (20) questions correctly


Practical Examinations 

  • Candidates will be required to carry out to the satisfaction of the Tribunal a single routine in any of the categories e.g Water distribution
  • The Secretariat will provide the Tribunal with a list of standard routine operations
  • Candidates will be required to select one routine operation of his/her choice
  • The utility will be responsible for installing the facilities required for the test and ensuring that they are operational


Examination Administration 

  • The Secretariat will appoint a tribunal to administer the examination. It will comprise:
    • One (1) external examiner; and
    • Two (2) utility examiners


The tribunal will be responsible for:

    • Assessing prior learning and experience
    • Conducting the verbal testing
    • Overseeing the practical examination
    • Compiling the results of each examinee